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Coaching Experience:

D1-Dallas Sports Training - Dallas, Texas     

    Associate Speed and Strength Coach             

                         July 2020 - July 2021 

• Coaching 15+ weekly D1 Workouts (Adult Bootcamps and Strength group workouts; Developmental/ High School scholastics training; Rookie: 7-10 year old training) with high energy, loud vocal skills and great coaching points/technique. Leading athletes through the workouts while motivating and influencing athletes through positive feedback and encouragement.

• Specialized Sports Skill Training: An average of 20 personal/semi-personal weekly sessions and a monthly average of $7,000 of gross revenue through private training; Skill training for soccer/baseball, strength training for client sports ranged from soccer, baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey, and equestrian; creating individualized training programs to steer athletes to particular goals in regards to their sport, age, and training experience

• Programming and coach three distinct team-training projects weekly, including u16 ECNL Women’s Soccer team (‘06 Sting Soccer Club), a local collegiate baseball team (Brookhaven CC), and u16 Women’s soccer (Dallas United); Programs varied between speed/agility/strength, all focusing on season readiness and injury prevention 

• Implementation of a strength training program for adult fitness created by Head Speed and Strength Coach, based on collegiate athletic weight room ideals/model; testing two-repetition max/aerobic fitness to demonstrate physical progress in members. 

• Developed challenging, HIIT-style training sessions for the adult Bootcamp sessions that eventually achieved filled-to-capacity enrollment (up to 12 athletes per class) and rave review/results

• D1 Intro/Assessments and athlete retention: leading clients through the assessment and prescribing the appropriate workouts. Once members, athletes are provided access to body composition tools/nutrition advice as well as tailored training advice to best guide them to their goals


Philadelphia Phillies International Academy- Boca Chica, Dominican Republic  

    Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach                 

  January 2020 - June 2020

• Implementing the Philadelphia Phillies’ designated strength and conditioning program at Clearwater, FL facility and Dominican Republic Academy for newly signed prospects.

• Daily overseeing the daily administration and management of the strength and conditioning program for over 100 athletes based on communication with Minor League Coordinator 

• Supervision and instruction of weight training and conditioning program

• Planning/conduct functional warm-up, mobility sessions, tissue prep, speed/agility workouts, and band program with large groups of athletes

• Gapping communication between medical staff, coaches, and affiliate strength and conditioning coaches based in the Dominican Republic and United States. 

•  Exercise progressions for young, newly signed players with low training ages, in order to progressively load in a correct manner.


Hudson Rose Athletics – Wilmington, North Carolina                                     

    Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach            

     July 2019 – January 2020

• Perform thorough initial evaluations for new clients to establish baseline fitness components such as mobility, exercise technique, motor patterns, and motor imbalances; Usage of FMS

• Create periodization exercise programs to coach new clients in order to build safe and effective lifting/exercise foundations for beginner athletes

• Instructed strength training group classes to different types of athletes and sport types

• Gym equipment maintenance, cleaning, and administration

• Exposure to MLB Strength Training Programs, NBA Offseason Training, NFL Free Agent Training, Triathlon athletes, High School/College soccer prep (Males/Females), High School Lacrosse, UFC/Bellator MMA training, etc.


Cape Fear Academy – Wilmington, NC                  

              July 2019 – October 2019

     Head Coach for Middle School Soccer

• Conducted effective pre-season program to foster crucial components in soccer such as metabolic conditioning, agility, ball control, teamwork, and game understanding

• Carefully evaluating player’s practice week in order to select the best possible starting eleven with squad rotations tailored to each game

• Analyze played games in order to generate training sessions that target weakness or mistakes

• Implementation of a specific style of play in order to maximize team potential and team synchronization

• Established positive player-coach relationships to boost motivation and adherence



Bodies in Balance Physical Therapy- Hudson Rose/Northchase – Wilmington, NC

    Office Coordinator / Physical Therapy Tech  

  March 2019- January 2020

•Dual task of helping to open new clinic location in an office space inside well-known local personal trainer’s gym, Hudson Rose, and working at another established clinic location.

• Generating a new patient base in new location by raising awareness of opening through social media and making professional connections with neighboring doctors/referral sources.  

• Maintaining efficiency and flow of new clinic while managing other two clinic location’s schedule and administrative tasks

• New clinic’s sports physical therapy emphasis allowed direct observation of a personal trainer’s injured athlete’s rehabilitation transition back into athletic performance.


Bodies in Balance Physical Therapy- Oleander– Wilmington, NC

    April 2018- January 2020

    Physical Therapy Technician / Personal Trainer

• Hands-on observational experience in orthopedic rehabilitation, balance therapy, vestibular therapy, Lymphedema, Parkinson’s, concussion management, oncology, dry needling, women’s health, etc. 

• Preparing patients for physical therapy treatment by welcoming and assisting patients with active warm-ups 

• Performing appropriate modalities and progress testing under the instruction of a physical therapist 

• Scheduling patients, answering phone calls, billing, communicating with patient’s doctors

• Daily maintenance of active appointment call reminders, cancelations list, scholarship budget, copay analysis/collection, Medicare authorizations, referral management, insurance verification, and Did Not Schedule letters 

• Assisting patients in clinic’s LiveWell, Parkinson Wellness Recovery, Yoga, and Massage programs


    Personal Trainer                                                                         

          May 2019 - January 2020

Upon finishing a physical therapy Episode of Care, patients can pursue continued exercise plans under the guidance of the personal trainer, gapping the bridge between rehabilitation and recreational physical activity.

• Self-managed scheduling around established clinic work schedule

• Usage of the clinic’s exercise equipment to create workouts tailored to an individual's orthopedic/neuromuscular necessities, transitioning patients into fitness plans based on physical therapist’s recommendations.  

Manchester Soccer Academy- Wilmington, NC                          \

February 2019 – May 2019

 Sports Performance Intern

Under the supervision of the head coach, exercise plans were created/operated to enhance the U-12 soccer team’s physical abilities, including strength, general fitness, injury prevention, and speed/agility.

• Performing warm-up for team; instructed cool-down/recovery sessions

• Created in-season phase workout macrocycle with tailored weekly microcycles depending on team game schedule

• Directed pre/post-season athletic testing with the team including 40m sprint, 300-yard shuttle, 1.5-mile   run, T-Test, etc.

• Daily plans created included balance, force absorption, landing/running mechanics to decrease chances of injury followed by sports-specific conditioning, targeting different energy systems/physical attributes used in soccer.

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