Coaching Experience:

July 2008 to August 2010 Assistant Coach U15 to U20 San Agustin El Paraiso

  • Assistant coach for two seasons.

  • Won two league championships U 15.

  • Two Divisions championship U20.


December 2010 International Emeritense Cup Head Coach U14 Academia Tricolor

  • Third position between 20 teams form all over the world.

  • Responsible for organizing the team and select the players for the tournament.


June 2012 to July 2013 Caracas Fútbol Club First Division Assistant Coach

  • Responsible for the video analysis of the team and the rivals.

  • Group Stage Copa Libertadores de América 2013.

  • First win in the team history against a Brazilian team Gremio De Porto Alegre.

  • First position in the cumulative table.

  • Runner-up in the Apertura 2012 and the Clausura 2013.


June 2013 July 2014 Carabobo Fútbol Club First Division Assistant Coach.

  • 4th place in the Apertura 2013 best position in the history of the team.

  • Advance to the Pre Sudamericana Cup for first time.


December 2014 – June 2016 Academia Angel Rivillo


May 2016 – 2018 Sao Paulo FC Texas

August 2017- 2018 Integral Soccer Training


June 2018- Dallas Cosmos Soccer Club

Playing Experience:

 San Agustin El Paraiso (U7- U10) 1994-1999

  • International Tournament (Donostic Cup 2000) 1 goal

  • International Tournament (Costa Blanca Cup 2000) 1 goal


San Agustin El Marques (U11- U14) 2000-2004

  • Semifinals Cesar Del Vecchio Cup with 15 years (U18)


 Centro Italo Venezolano (U17) National Series of Football Federation of Venezuela  2004-2005

  • Group Champions (5th in the nation)

  • 18 Goals


Galicia FC (Third division) 2005-2006

  • First Round


 Colegio Cristo Rey (U18) 2006-2007

  • Champions Bolibomba Cup

  • Quarterfinals

  • 5 goals


 Miranda State Team (U20) National Games Punto Fijo 2006-2007

  • First Round


 San Agustin El Paraiso (U20) National Series Football Federation of Venezuela 2007-2008

  • Champions Group 1

  • Quarterfinals

  • 5th in the nation