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*By accepting the below Terms & Conditions via the Online / Electronic Camp Registration page (check box), I hereby agree to the following:


  • In case of accident or sudden illness, I request that "World Class Soccer Camps" contact me.  In the event that I cannot be reached, I hereby authorize "World Class Soccer Camps" to contact my child's physician.

  • If deemed necessary, I authorize "World Class Soccer Camps" to transport my child to the physician I have listed or to a local emergency room.

  • My child has permission to attend "World Class Soccer Camps" and I hereby release "World Class Soccer Camps", Todd Wallace and his staff, as well as any cosponsoring agencies from liabilities, damages or injuries not covered by insurance which may occur during the week my child attends camp.

  • In the case of inclement weather, I understand that the camp may / will be rescheduled to a later date.


Thank You,
 ~ World Class Soccer Camps

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